I’m a scientist and I read poetry. I combine these interests by collecting poetry with scientific themes. Now I’m blogging about them.

I was going to set out the scope of this blog extrememly carefully, but every time I came up with something good I managed to think of a poem that I’d like to run but didn’t fit the description. In short, I’ll feature any poem that interests me as a scientist. No doubt exceptions to this will still occur.

Quality of poetry, science or commentary is not guaranteed.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Very lovely, we have parallel interests, though I stick with natural history / nature themes. That said, I have harvested several poems of yours that I had not run across before…beautiful.

    I run a naturepoetry listserv, which you are both welcome to join and to harvest poetry you may find interesting. May I suggest looking at some of Dickinson’s anti-science poetry and there are several wonderful biologist poets running around in the archives.


  2. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the comment. I discovered A Responsibility to Awe this year and you’re right, I really like it. Possibly the best poetry written by a working scientist that I’ve read, along with Roald Hoffmann (who I’m particularly biased towards) and Miroslav Holub.

    I’ve obviously abandoned this blog, other projects kept getting in the way, but I’ve been thinking about restarting it, which is why I saw your comment for moderation (not even too old!).

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